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CHI 2016 Paper – Honorable Mention Award!

screenOur work on detecting computer monitors within photos has been accepted to ACM CHI 2016 and has received an Honorable Mention Award (Top 4% of submissions).

Low-cost, lightweight wearable cameras let us record (or ‘lifelog’) our lives from a ‘first-person’ perspective for pur- poses ranging from fun to therapy. But they also capture private information that people may not want to be recorded, especially if images are stored in the cloud or visible to other people. For example, recent studies suggest that computer screens may be lifeloggers’ single greatest privacy concern, because many people spend a considerable amount of time in front of devices that display private information. In this paper, we investigate using computer vision to automatically detect computer screens in photo lifelogs. We evaluate our approach on an existing in-situ dataset of 36 people who wore cameras for a week, and show that our technique could help manage privacy in the upcoming era of wearable cameras.

Read more about it at our Project Page. Here is our paper and the extended technical report