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Roundup of A Productive 2020!

ASSETS paper on the shared privacy considerations of the visually impaired and bystanders in the context of camera based assistive technologies

CSCW paper on the concept of tangible privacy, to design IoT devices for better privacy assurances.

USENIX Security paper on the privacy concerns of the visually impaired with camera based assistive applications supported by human volunteers. Watch the 12-min video.

Oakland paper on our paradoxical result on how photo sharing can increase if you tell people to think about the photo subjects’ privacy. Watch the 17-min video.

Oakland paper on how to automatically detect subjects and bystanders in photos by mimicking human reasoning. Watch the 1-min or 16-min videos.

ConPro paper on how often people do (or don’t) change passwords after widely publicized breaches. Watch the 15-min video.

CSCW paper on how people sanction each other on social media for privacy violations.

ACM TOCHI article on privacy norms and preferences for photos shared online.