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Roundup of A Productive 2020!

ASSETS paper on the shared privacy considerations of the visually impaired and bystanders in the context of camera based assistive technologies

CSCW paper on the concept of tangible privacy, to design IoT devices for better privacy assurances.

USENIX Security

Tousif Ahmed Receives the 2019 John Karat Usable Privacy and Security Student Research Award!

Tousif Ahmed has received the prestigious 2019 John Karat Usable Privacy and Security Student Research Award for his work on privacy for people with visual impairments! The Karat award was made at the opening of SOUPS and we are all …

Apu Kapadia – Keynote Talk at MSW ’19

Apu Kapadia gave the keynote talk at the Midwest Security Workshop (2019) titled “For the People: (Human) Factors to Consider in Security and Privacy Research.”

Talk Abstract: In this talk, I will make a case for considering human factors in …

Rakib Hasan – Best Poster Award at MSW ’19

Rakib Hasan won the Best Poster Award at the Midwest Security Workshop (2019) for his work on “Automatically Detecting Bystanders in Images to Reduce Privacy Violations”!…

Can Privacy be ‘Satisfying’ too? Paper accepted at CHI 2019

Pervasive photo sharing in online social media platforms can cause unintended privacy violations when elements of an image reveal sensitive information. Prior studies have identified image obfuscation methods (e.g., blurring) to enhance privacy, but many of these methods adversely affect …

NSF $450K (IU: $160K) Award to Study “Tangible Privacy: User-Centric Sensor Designs for Assured Privacy”

High-fidelity, and often privacy-invasive, sensors are now becoming pervasive in our everyday environments. At home, digital assistants can constantly listen for instructions and security cameras can be on the lookout for unusual activity. Whereas once an individual’s physical actions, in …

NSF $500K Award to Study “Socio-Technical Strategies for Enhancing Privacy in Photo Sharing”

With the rise of digital photography and social networking, people are capturing and sharing photos on social media at an unprecedented rate. Such sharing may lead to privacy concerns for the people captured in such photos, e.g., in the context …

Paper on Privacy and Assistive Technologies for the Visually Impaired to be Presented at UbiComp 2018

 The emergence of augmented reality and computer vision based tools offer new opportunities to visually impaired persons (VIPs). Solutions that help VIPs in social interactions by providing information (age, gender, attire, expressions etc.) about people in the vicinity are becoming

Paper “You don’t want to be the next meme” Presented at SOUPS 2018

Pervasive photography and the sharing of photos on social media pose a significant challenge to undergraduates’ ability to manage their privacy. Drawing from an interview-based study, we find undergraduates feel a heightened state of being surveilled by their peers and

Paper ‘Viewer Experience of Obscuring Scene Elements in Photos to Enhance Privacy’ to be Presented at ACM CHI ’18

With the rise of digital photography and social networking, people are sharing personal photos online at an unprecedented rate. In addition to their main subject matter, photographs often capture various incidental information that could harm people’s privacy. In our paper